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Rev Gary D Millar MPhil (Ecum), MTh

Church Road, Holywood
Co. Down,
BT18 9DP
Tel. 028 90422409 


Rev Gary Millar Mphil (Ecum), Mth

Church Road, Holywood

Co Down

BT18 9DP

Tel:- 02890422409



Hello my name is Gary Millar and I am blessed to be Minister for Holywood Methodist Church

Welcome to the homepage of Holywood Methodist Church. Please enjoy learning more about us and be sure to visit us in person during any of our programs or activities. For more information click on the images below or use the drop-down menu's at the top of the pag

I hope and pray you are all keeping well and safe, please see the  link for our website and facebook to the service recorded  for this   Alongside this resource, the President MCI will record a sermon each Sunday that we can link to as a congregation in our own homes.- see link:-

I believe these will be useful and meaningful times for us.


UPDATE - May 2020

Many of you will be following the news and will have heard the government's guidance regarding churches this week, as a result MCI has issued guidelines advising that we may want to consider drive in churches or opening our churches for prayer at a set time.  As a circuit staff we have consulted with our church councils and met together via zoom this morning and I want to give you some feedback from that meeting.  The general feeling among our church councils and staff is that we are not happy to go down the route of drive in church or opening our churches for prayer at this time.  We will of course continue to monitor the situation and respond to advice from MCI and we will keep you up to date along the way to ensure that everyone knows what is happening.

Our sense is that the Bangor and Holywood Methodist people currently feel well supported through the various things our six churches are doing and that there is a general uneasiness about returning to our church buildings too soon.  Many people are experiencing God in new and fresh ways through lockdown and rather than our spiritual lives being drained by church closures, it would seem that many have been filled and refreshed!!  God is working outside our premises and we trust he will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead.

Acts 4v31 says 'After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.'

Let me change one word in this verse, imagine for a moment it says this...'After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was closed. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.'

Our churches are closed but the Holy Spirit continues to work in and through us!! Please continue to be church where you are, engage in the opportunities you have to be disciples on mission in your homes and communities and stay safe. 

Rev Fiona McCrea
Bangor and Holywood Circuit Superintendent


Recording of service for Sunday 24 May 2020: 

Today's service will be lead by Rev Mandy Durrell can be found at  
The hymns and songs chosen for the service are:
Opening Hymn - Love Divine -

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Dear Holywood Methodist Church family,

 The 24th May is Wesley Day - the Sunday nearest to it is known as “Aldersgate Sunday” (this year it's the same day!).  We commemorate John Wesley’s life-changing experience in Aldersgate Street on 24 May 1738.

He wrote in his diary that he went “rather unwillingly” to a church meeting on Aldersgate Street, and while listening to Luther’s preface to the letter to the Romans, the Holy Spirit touched him in such a way that his heart was “strangely warmed” and he knew with full assurance God’s grace and love.

Aldersgate is the most famous moment within John Wesley’s journey of saving grace, but we know through his own writing of theology - as well as his personal journals -that it was not the most important moment. Doubt and belief, trust and impatience—they all mingle together at different times throughout life.  God is continually working in us.

Charles Wesley - who had his own similar experience just days before his brother - put this experience of saving grace into over six thousand hymns, some of which we regularly sing on Sundays. 

As the people called Methodist, we celebrate God’s grace working throughout our lives, recognising that salvation is a lifelong process not limited to one particular moment. God's grace infuses every aspect of our lives. John Wesley categorised God's grace as prevenient grace, justifying grace, regeneration, sanctifying grace, and full perfection in love. 

On our journey of salvation, God gives us the grace to be fully what God is - love. This “perfection in love” is the fullness of salvation, the completion of what we were meant to be: God’s image-bearers. Full, perfect love is possible in this life, as well as the life to come.  To close with a quotation from John Wesley’s 1741 sermon “The Almost Christian”:

“The great question of all, then, still remains.  Is the love of God shed abroad in your heart?  Can you cry out, 'My God and my all'?  Do you desire nothing but him?  Are you happy in God?  Is he your glory, your delight, your crown of rejoicing?  And is this commandment written in your heart, 'that he who loveth God love his brother also'? Do you then love your neighbour as yourself?  Do you love every [person], even your enemies, even the enemies of God, as your own soul?  As Christ loved you?  Yea, dost thou believe that Christ loved thee and gave himself for thee? … And doth Christ’s Spirit bear witness with thy spirit, that thou art a child of God?”

This Sunday's service for Aldersgate Sunday is brought to us by Rev Mandy Durrell - with some wonderful hymn choices!  The Methodist Church in Ireland has also put out a special service from "HQ" - you can find links to it on our FaceBook page or at

God bless, Gary



This is the day you have made; we will rejoice and be glad in it! For You promise Your beloved rest between Your shoulders. You are ever so close to us, Father. We can do all things through You …for You are the source of our strength. Let all we do honour You, Father. As you encourage us, let us be an encouragement to those around us.


Remind us when we falter and fail that You uphold us. Your merciful hand has purposed our lives, and we cannot outrun your love or free gift of salvation by Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Father, you weave our stories throughout ancient history and onto tomorrow. You number our days and surround us with Your love. When we are down, send Your Holy Spirit to remind us of Your loving kindness.


There is much to fear and be frustrated about in this life on earth. There is grave injustice, oppression, and unfairness everywhere we look. Disastrous weather events and horrific acts of violence, isolation and loneliness. We fear losing our lives and our loved ones, disease and disaster. You are our comforter through it all.


In Your Word we are upheld, and in Your arms, we throw down our anxieties and find safety and protection. When the world seems to press into our lives harder than we can bear, we know we are never holding on alone. You remind us to be strong and courageous, to rely on You for strength, and not to fear. You promise to strengthen us and uphold us.


Through every heartache and conflict, continue to broadcast the truth of Your word into our hearts. Encourage us, Father, always. Help us to navigate the tricky waters of relationships on this earth and hurdle the stumbling blocks the enemy lines our daily paths with.


We know in this world we will have trouble, but we do not want to let it steal our joy! For You have overcome this world! Though it can be hard and discouraging, let us take heart in Your truth. Squash every distorted thought and lie with the encouraging words of Christ. “Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest!” (Matthew 11:28)


King David stated, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1) He, and so many other Biblical hallmarks have left a legacy of Your encouraging word despite their sins and shortcomings. Let us follow in their footsteps, Father, following You despite our imperfections. Adjust our expectations through Your perspective.


Help us to keep getting up, keep following You, keep hoping, and holding onto the joy and peace Jesus died to give us. He is our ultimate source of encouragement.


In Jesus’ Name,



A Quote from our Founder - John Wesley